It spawned several great conversations between us…

Rachael Manzano Day School

It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you. I’m so thankful you called and were able to stop by!

I read the first chapter of A Special Gift with my boys this weekend and we are all intrigued. My youngest son asked (the question you have received before): “Why is Juan Jose always hungry?”

It spawned several great conversations between us. Thank you!

Many thanks, and blessings to you,
Rachael Miletkov
Manzano Day School
Associate Director of Development

You have the power to influence and inspire people through your writing…

I am done reading your book.

There so many reflections, Rob…


My first thought is from JJ’s Story:

I learned I should go on for the things that I really want to do without being afraid of taking risks. To go forth with optimism in the journey without thinking that somewhere along the way failure might meet me and like Juan Jose, to take advice as he followed Boss Advice to find his Special Gift.

Since I was young I have dreamed of going abroad, meeting people or even working but I am so afraid to leave my stable job here as a teacher but upon reading your book, I am enlightened.

Another thought I have is that every suffering has an ending. Like Juan Jose optimism towards his miserable life. There is no such thing as bad circumstances, rather it depends on the perception of people towards the situation.

I like the last part of your book about reflections ATTITUDE. So full of wisdom, Rob.

I’ll share a short story that happened to me after reading your book:

I am quite introverted even though I am a public school teacher. An opportunity for teaching college students came my way last week. I was hesitant first because I will be dealing with more people than my elementary school children. But the thoughts in your book encouraged me, so I went on and on Sunday I will be starting to teach Marine students as a part time job.

My courage to face the steps in acquiring the job is in part because of your book. Thank you very much. I am finding way to offer the book to our school administrator.

You have the power to influence and inspire people through your writing.

Jennybeth Ecal

SIKAP is ATTITUDE in Indonesia


S  emangat – Spirit / Desire
I   nisiatif – Initiative
K  euletan – Tenacity
A  sa – Hope
P  ercaya Diri – Confidence

Thanks so much to my good friend Tri Martini who is almost done translating A SPECIAL GIFT into Indonesian!  The name will be MERAJUT ASA MERAIH CITA…

I look forward to getting it published in Indonesia so we can begin to share it with youngsters in Indonesia!!!  : o )

Tri Martina

A SPECIAL GIFT – Commentaries

A Wonderful book!


A quick, easy read with a deep and powerful message….


I love the story and the reflections. My daughter and I both enjoyed reading it.  I am happy to see my daughter reading the reflections nightly. I highly recommend this book to anyone who values a soul searching adventure as well as for youngsters who are ready to find their own special gift!


It’s a great story!


Sherry Gonzales



There are few books that are able to summarize so much of life’s wisdom in an endearing and personally meaningful story – this is one of them. The brilliance of the book is in the Reflections section – eight powerful principles – to be read each night before bed – to inspire “gift” thinking in our lives. You’ll cheer for the lead character (Juan Jose) and personally become part of his journey to discover his greatness. Great to read as a family.


Jay Forte

Powerful Performance Speaker, Consultant and Author



Rob is a superb storyteller which makes his book highly readable!


This book reads as a heartwarming story that captivated my attention and heart from the first sentence and kept me engaged until the last. I forgot that I was reading as Rob pulled me into an intricate story, it is written in a way so that anyone can read and enjoy it. 

A SPECIAL GIFT inspires, motivates, and focuses our attention on this moment. It is ideal for anyone who has experienced disappointment and needs something to spur a sense of empowerment and inspiration within themselves to continue moving forward.

A highly inspirational book with beautifully woven spiritual elements.


I highly recommend it!


Barbara J. Luxford



A SPECIAL GIFT touches the essence of life, giving hope for a new and better day.


Guillermo Dávila

Actor / Singer

Godfather for A SPECIAL GIFT



“An excellent attitude toward life is the best thing we can have,” is one of Rob’s messages.  A thought has the power to transform your way of thinking and thus your life. 


A SPECIAL GIFT is full of ideas and phrases which touch the soul and empower thought. 


Use this book as a source of inspiration and reflection to construct a life of abundance. 

Leo Alcalá
Author and International Speaker
Director — Alcalá Empowerment



There are many things in A SPECIAL GIFT which are inalienable truths and vital for all of us. I smile as I write this because I’ve realized that even before I promised to share the “Reflections,” I was already doing it and have been doing it for some time with all my friends!


The acronym is very helpful especially for organizing the ideas and the message you spread. The father-son reference is also very meaningful with regards to the guidance a male figure can provide in life. There are a lot of things in your book I agree with, here are a couple of them, “What at first seems to be a problem often turns into a blessing,” and, “It’s not what we know, rather what we do with what we know which is important.” 

Reading your book could not have come at a better time, recently I have had some difficulties in my life and, while before it was difficult to find answers or explanations, now as I read your book it reminds me of my own inner strength and that the best way to move forward is simply to DO IT.


We can only look at the pieces of our life for so long wondering what could have happened, should have happened, would have happened….or acknowledge what IS right now and move on from there by actually doing it with a big smile and by facing life with a positive outlook. 

Ruben Urdaneta
Modern Languages Student
Universidad Metropolitana de Venezuela



Reading A Special Gift is a pleasant stroll for the imagination, planting seeds of thought for the reader in the form of several principles to lead a more dignified life.  Juan Jose’s, the protagonist, tenacity and perseverance is a tribute to these two essential values which lead to a successful life here on earth.  This journey through imagination is most certainly an “autobiography” of the author who uses these ideas as a key to his own success.

Take the opportunity to emerge yourself in this story which is full of imagery and is brought to life by the pen of the author.

Francisco Novoa Raffalli
Director for Latin America
Discovering Educational Workshops


What is our purpose in life?


Hold Juan Jose’s hand on his search for the meaning of life through a journey that will make you think about your own choices. Easy to read and follow, light and refreshing. Juan Jose is curious and reflective without drama. I liked the no-fuss, unpretentious style, as well as the rural setting. It’s a simple story which reminds me of the classic book THE PROPHET. 

A SPECIAL GIFT stands out from many self-help books with its simple and straight forward message.


Alicia Castillo Holley
Founder of Wealthing Group



The book is a beautiful, simple story full of useful advice and wisdom.

Marcela Sandoval

I have never been so inspired by reading a book.  I started reading your book this afternoon and I have just completed it.  I am not the same person I was when I started reading it.  The eight principles are such a wonderful gift, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO THANK YOU FOR THEM!


Dalton Qwatekana
Client Manager
Durban International Airport
South Africa


I have read one chapter each night as recommended by the author and, I believe the tenets have permeated my soul! 

While most self-help logic these days focuses on “affirmations,” I have enjoyed this book immensely because it does not focus on the distant future.  Rather, the focus is on this moment, and what you can do now to effectuate change.


Cassandra August



It’s a great story!


When he is feeling hopeless and desperate, Juan Jose meets just the right people who help him to see he can turn bitter disappointment into opportunity.  Taking a risk, he finds his SPECIAL GIFT which changes his life.

Marianne Powers



A SPECIAL GIFT is universal and reminds me that wherever we live, we have the same disappointments, fears, dreams and hopes as Juan José. I have accepted the author’s challenge and the grandfather’s advice to his grandson. Reading one “Reflection” every evening reminds me how I would like to live my life.


I enthusiastically recommend this book for adults, for whom it provides excellent direction, and for young people, since it establishes a foundation for living.


David Mott


I have read the book and enjoyed it immensely, it is written in a very easy and enjoyable manner which makes reading it very pleasant. The message is positive and encourages you to look for your own Special Gift. Right now my wife is reading it along with my oldest son and my other two children are in line to read it as soon as it becomes available again! 

Pablo Ignacio Hernández
Corporate Quality Systems Manager
Corporación Naviera Empresas Venecia



Basic principles of life are transmitted in a simple story which highlights the fact that a positive attitude determines positive results. It provides a deep and profound message which is delivered simply and directly.


Gualberto Bello

Human Resources Manager

Lear of Venezuela



A SPECIAL GIFT has enriched my own journey through life since it is useful both on a personal and a professional level.


Javier Vidal
Division Manager
Banco Exterior



While it sounds redundant, A SPECIAL GIFT reveals within its pages a true gift by relating a wonderful example of tenacity through the story of its protagonist, Juan José, who could be any of us. 


The adventures of this enchanting boy brings understanding to the importance of seeking those things we desire in order to achieve a fulfilling life which is so often complicated by daily routine.


The story of Juan José is also one of triumph.  It demonstrates to us all that with a little help and guidance, such as is provided by “Pappy” and “El Jefe,” that we are capable of greatness.


A SPECIAL GIFT is a tremendous resource for the challenges Venezuela faces.


Franz von Bergen Granell



We are all on a path to find our “Special Gift.”  Rob shares in a simple powerful way the journey of a hero we all have within to overcome the barriers of resistance and submerge into the magical world of adventure, change and life to find purpose at the end the journey which leads to living each day with passion.

Fernando Celis
Coach y International Speaker


Rob, the experience of the seminar I attended with you along with your book A SPECIAL GIFT has been the most marvelous gift anyone could have given me.  It’s incredible how my life and my way of thinking have changed.  It came at a perfect time and now all I do revolves around this change which has affected my vision and my goals to achieve all I desire.


You not only changed my life but also my way of thinking, being and feeling.  I read            A SPECIAL GIFT slowly to savor each page since each provides new hope for each day.

I also want to let you know my dreams are coming true and, with each passing day my vision regarding what I want to be, what I want to have and where I want to go become much clearer.


Heliana María Díaz Labrador

Ejecutiva de Ventas

Banco Fondo Común


I enjoyed it so much that I purchased multiple copies for friends and family members.

A SPECIAL GIFT is especially appealing to young people who are seeking direction and looking for the meaning and purpose of their lives.

But don’t let this put you of. There are so many profound lessons that apply to people of all ages and walks of life.

This is one self-help book that is fun to read and can change your life for the better.

S. Patel


Simple and free flow of the great plans

Enviado el: sábado, 18 de junio de 2011 10:29 a.m.

Dear Rob,

It was indeed heartening to watch you in action. What I appreciate most in your scheme of things is your simple and free flow of the great plans. Indeed, these emanate from a spiritual and very positive mind. Divine guidance is manifesting in you what we call “Satyam – Shivam – Sundaram” (truth – all manifest – all beautiful).

– Virendra Qazi

Excellent for focusing only on what is most important

De: Georgina Laros
Asunto: Re: Lunar Letter: Three at a Time
Hi Rob

Use this rule of three all the time in my life … and have to say it is
excellent for focusing only on what is most important at the time and also
gives one that feeling of accomplishment … even if only the one most
important things was completed for the day.

Thanks for the reminder.