My message for you… #1 THANKS

I am so happy to have you here with me, let’s get started with the first seed:

“God, I thank you for this day.  I know I have not accomplished as yet all you expect of me, and if that is your reason for bathing me in the fresh dew of another dawn, I am most grateful. I am prepared, at last, to make you proud of me.”

– Og Mandino

My suggestion to you is quite “simple” but not so “easy.”  You will be tempted to give up, and likely wonder if it is worth the trouble.  I guarantee you it will work, and if for any reason it does not, I will give you a full refund of time spent to with as you please : )

Simply memorize the words I give you over the next 21 days, and implement them into your life.  I will give you one seed per day.  The entire exercise should not take more than 5 or 10 minutes per day. As you memorize the seeds, I suggest you do the exercise at the same approximate time and place.  While I choose to do it first thing in the morning, do what works for you.

While the memorizing all of them may take longer than the 21 days we share here initially together, you can make the habit last you a lifetime.

Piece of cake, right?

You see, I realize that through the magic of modern technology, you and I are linked in this precise moment through these words which you now read.  Nothing else matters, just you and me… : )

Each day, I will start with the seed and then give you some of my thoughts about each one.

Regardless of your religious inclination, believe in something.  While I am certainly not here to tell you what to believe, my suggestion is to get right with your faith before anything else.  Even if you believe there is nothing, believe in it strongly, and be prepared to defend why you feel the way you do.

As for me, I believe life is to incredible to have just happened by chance.  I am convinced that someone, or something, is responsible.  I choose to call it God.

You can always see the all the Seeds of Success by Og Mandino here:

I’ll see you again tomorrow!

My message for you… #2 YESTERDAY

#2 “I will forget yesterday, with all its trials and tribulations, aggravations and setbacks, angers and frustrations. The past is already a dream from which I can neither retrieve a single word nor erase any foolish deeds. I will resolve, however, that if I have injured anyone yesterday through my thoughtlessness, I will not let this day’s sun set before I make amends, and nothing I do today will be of greater importance.”   – Og Mandino

Hello, and welcome back, it’s so nice to have you here with me…

Do you already have the first seed memorized?

Do you remember how it starts?

On to today’s lesson. Of all of the seeds we will examine, perhaps this is the one which can best help us to “forgive and forget.”

While it is entertaining to rehash the past, it does absolutely no good. Instead, we can relive and relish those wonderful moments, and simply put the other terrible ones behind us.

Before we do, however, let’s make sure we make amends with anyone who we may have injured through our “thoughtlessness,” as the master Og, so aptly suggests.

By leaving yesterday in the past, we can enjoy today much better.

See you again tomorrow, make it a great day!

My message for you… #3 TOMORROW

“#3  I will not fret the future. My success and happiness do not depend on straining to see what lurks dimly on the horizon but to do, this day, what lies clearly at hand.”

– Og Mandino

Hello and welcome back…

Can we live the future today?

Does worrying about the future serve some special purpose?

While we cannot change the future, we can adjust our sails today to fill them with wind of happiness to take us to the place we have always wanted to be.

Tomorrow will come when it will come, for now…

All we have is today, so my suggestion to you…

Make it a great day!

See you tomorrow

My message to you… #4 TODAY

#4  “I will treasure this day, for it is all I have. I know that its rushing hours cannot be accumulated or stored, like precious grain, for future use.”  – Og Mandino

Hello there…

It’s nice to have you back…

How are you doing on your memorization of the seeds?

Remember, what is left undone today, can be left undone forever, and this is part of my message for you today.  Seed #1, gives thanks for the day, seed #2, tells us to leave yesterday in the past, and seed #3, reminds us we need not fret the future…

Seed #4, instructs us to enjoy this moment, right here, right now.  Can you for a minute doubt anything else exists except what we have right now in this instant?

Through the magic of space and time, you and I are now here together.  Nothing else matters, nothing else exists in this exact instant, except for you and me.

While I know you, and I do know you take time to smell the roses, take a little more time today.  Each person who crosses our path, the wind that blows our way, and even every little inconvenience is part of this moment which is perfect, and as it must be.

Enjoy this instant each and every moment…

Hasta luego until my next torrent…

: )

My message for you… #5 THE MOMENT

Hello and welcome back…

It’s so nice to have you here again… : )

We tend to learn much from our parents.  One of the main things I learned from my mother is that most people really don’t care how we feel, or if we are having a good day or a bad day.

Sure, there are exceptions, and if we are lucky, we have some people who care about us and how we feel.  But what about a client, or a colleague, or someone we meet on the street.  Should they necessarily care about how we feel?

A client deserves the best we have to offer, regardless of how we feel.  The same goes for a colleague and/or anyone else we meet on the street.  We owe it to ourselves and to the world to put our best foot forward and give it our best shot.

How about you?

Are you giving the best of yourself in everything you do, or do you stay on the sidelines feeling sorry for yourself?

While sometimes tempting to bathe in a pool of self pity, pick yourself when you feel down, put on your most dazzling smile and conquer the world…

Go for it!

My message for you #6 BE BUSY

#6  “I will embrace today’s difficult tasks, take off my coat, and make dust in the world. I will remember that the busier I am, the less harm I am apt to suffer, the tastier will be my food, the sweeter my sleep, and the better satisfied I will be with my place in the world.”  – Og Mandino

Hello there, and welcome back…

So glad to have you here with me…

How are you doing on your memorization?

On today’s video, I begin at seed number one and go all the way to number six.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you might want to go to message number #1 here where you can always see, “My messages for you…”

Have you ever noticed that those who are busy, always seem to get more things done?

The saying which tells us if we want to get something done, to give it to a busy person is apt.  Those who have the most to do are frequently those who are most effective at taking on new projects.

As master Og instructs us, we indeed suffer less harm, enjoy our food more, have sweeter sleep, and me more satisfied with our place in the world when we are busy.

While it is nice to have a pity party for ourselves every once in a while, let’s get up, shake ourselves off, and “make dust in the world.”

Make this day your day, and make it a great day!

My message for you… #7 TIME

#7  “I will free myself today from slavery to the clock and calendar. Although I will plan this day in order to conserve my steps and energy, I will begin to measure my life in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not seasons; in feelings, not figures on a dial.”  – Og Mandino

Hello there, and welcome back…

Our world is filled with time commitments and obligations which require we be almost constantly aware of the time.  We have a work schedule we must comply with.  We must get our children to school by a certain time, and pick them up at another.  Similarly, our days are filled with a never ending haze of activity to achieve some sort of ultimate goal.

While we should, as Master Og so aptly tells us, “plan our day to conserve our steps and our energy, we should never let time be our master, rather we should master our time…

Our lives should indeed be measured in terms of deeds, thoughts and feelings.  This exercise I do with you is one of my deeds.  While I realize you, and I, have many things we can be doing right now, I believe this time is well worthwhile, as do you otherwise you would not be reading me, at least not this far… 😉

So my proposal to you is to begin to measure your life in deeds, thoughts and feelings so as to fill your life with a never ending stream of blessings…

Make it a great day!

My message for you… #8 HAPPINESS

#8  “I will remain aware of how little it takes to make this a happy day. Never will I pursue happiness, because it is not a goal, just a by-product, and there is no happiness in having or in getting, only in giving.” – Og Mandino

Nice to have you back for this day, since the #8  is my favorite day…

Are you aware of how little it takes to make this a happy day?

Happiness truly does come in giving, and in giving you these words today, my day is complete.

How are you doing at giving of yourself to others?

We normally think about giving “things” to other people, but how about giving of ourselves to others, and giving them our most important asset, which is our time.

In order to get, we need simply give, it’s as simple as that…

To round off today’s lesson is just a quick reminder of one way to memorize any “list” of things you might want to memorize.  In this case, it can be memorizing the Seeds of Success by Og Mandino.

Take the number of each seed and relate it to something which has meaning for you.  For example, I remember the first few seeds with the following links:

1: GOD





Make something which works for you, make the seeds yours, and when you have them memorized, and you implement them into your life, magical things will happen…

In the meantime, make it a great day!

My message for you… #9 FAITH


#9  “I will run from no danger I might encounter today, because I am certain that nothing will happen to me that I am not equipped to handle with your help. Just as any gem is polished by friction, I am certain to become more valuable through this day’s adversities, and if you close one door, you always open another for me.”  – Og Mandino

Hello there, and welcome back…

Today’s message is about faith.  While it is one of the largest, and admittedly one of the most difficult to memorize for me, it is perhaps the one seed which can most help us when we need a shot of encouragement to continue forward.

While the scope and extent of your faith likely differs from mine, most important is to have some kind of faith in something…

When we get right with our faith, we are right with the world and ourselves.

Make this day your day, and…

Make it a rocking great day!