¡Este libro es maravilloso!  Gracias a los que me han acompañado durante los últimos 12 semanas donde hemos profundizado en el mundo de nuestro psique.  Augusto Cury se ha convertido en uno de mis autores favoritos, me encanta como piensa y como escribe…  A continuación los vínculos a cada uno de sus doce leyes para calidad de vida.

This book is magnificent!  Thanks to those who have accompanied me over the last twelve weeks, during which we have delved into our inner psyche… Augusto Cury has become one of my favorite authors, I love how he thinks and how he writes…  Following are the links for each of the twelve laws he shares for quality of life.

#1 Ser Protagonista de la Propia Historia / Write your Own History

#2 Contemplar lo Bello / Contemplate Beauty

#3 Liberar la Creatividad / Superar la Rutina

#4 Tener un Sueño Reparador / Sleep Well

#5 Controla tus Pensamientos / Control your Thoughts

#6 Administra la Emoción / Manage Emotion

#7 Trabajar la Memoria / Working on Memory

#8 El Arte de Escuchar y Dialogar / The Art of Listening and of Dialogue

#9 El Arte del Autodiálogo / The Art of Self Dialogue

#10 Ser Emprendedor / Be an Entrepreneur

#11 Inteligencia Espiritual / Spiritual Intelligence

#12 Hacer de la Vida una Fiesta / Make Life a Party

Cambia tu Vida - Augusto Cury 01

Cambia tu Vida - Augusto Cury 10

Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #12 – Hacer de la Vida una Fiesta / Make Life a Party

2015 11 12 Cury 12 02

Chapter 12


Twelfth law for quality of life


2015 11 12 Cury 12 03

1. In modern society, dialogue is in trouble. Solitude has come to our homes, schools and workplace. We are ever closer physically and farther away from our own selves. Parents hide their tears from their children; children hide their dreams from their parents. Professors hide behind blackboards. Many hide behind statues, culture and money. We speak more about the world in which we live and are quiet about the world we are.

2. Knowledge has multiplied like never before, but we aren’t training people to think. Medicine, psychiatry and psychology have made enormous advances, but statistics show the norm is to be stressed and anxious…

2015 11 12 Cury 12 04

… and that health is abnormal. What kind of society are we building?

3. Human beings tend to be giants in the world outside but children in the territory of emotions and the scenery of thought. Many know how to manage questions of logic, but ignore how to confront their tears, how to benefit from their loss, and how to gain lessons from frustration. Science has taken us to conquer outer space and the smallest atom, but not how to conquer our own selves. Having quality of life is becoming a mirage in the middle of the desert: beautiful but unattainable.

2015 11 12 Cury 12 05

15. Having quality of life is knowing how to value smiles as well as grief. It’s showing humility in success and garnering lessons from failure. It’s giving thanks for applause, but knowing the greatest treasures of emotion are hidden in the most simple and anonymous of things.

16. Having quality of life is being conscious that each human being is a world to discover and a history to explore. Everyone has hidden treasures within, even those who are the most difficult and complicated, as well as those who make mistakes and always fail. Follow the gold in the interior of the person you love. Look for gold in your own being. Few know how to…

2015 11 12 Cury 12 06

… find it, for that reason not many are able to have happy days.

17. Having quality of life is not fearing your own feelings. It is better to have the maturity to say, “I made a mistake;” look for the courage to ask for forgiveness, be valiant to accept a “no.” Having quality of life is being temperate in receiving criticism, even if it is unjust; it is making new friends, but never putting aside the old ones.

18. Having quality of life is being a sailor in the waters of emotion; kissing your children; hugging your parents and looking into the eyes of that someone special for you and telling them passionately, “I love you! I need you!”

19. It is being a friend of God and thanking him (her or it) every morning for the miracle of life… It is knowing that it is worthwhile to live despite each and every crisis, challenge, and difficulty, since having quality of life is to know how to use the psychological tools to obtain benefit from loss, strength in forgiveness, security in the middle of desperation, experience in the valley of fear, happiness in the territory of pain.

20. Above all, quality of life is being convinced that in spite of our errors, defects, and weaknesses, that life is…


Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #11 – Inteligencia Espiritual / Spiritual Intelligence

2015 11 05 Cury 11 01

Chapter 11


Eleventh law for quality of life


2015 11 05 Cury 11 02


  1. Being conscious that life is a great question in search of a great answer.
  2. Looking for a life’s meaning and the reason for existence.
  3. Trying to understand, independent of our religion and our cultural formation, the mysteries of life and the secrets of the Creator of existence.
  4. Looking for answers to the questions science cannot answer: Who are we? Where are we going? Es the end the beginning or the beginning the end?
  5. Being conscious of the temporal nature of existence.
  6. Discovering hope in desolation, comfort in trying times, courage in loss, wisdom in chaos.

2015 11 05 Cury 11 03

3. Spirituality fed by serenity brings peace socially, stimulates love, and enriches pleasure; but when controlled by extremists and authoritarians, it produces discord, promotes hate, and generates anguish. All social systems linked to consumerism, cosmetic surgery, leisure, clubs, and work do not satisfy human needs, since the same concerns which perturbed primitive civilizations continue to preoccupy modern man. Among them, death and finite existence.

2015 11 05 Cury 11 04

25.  Darwin’s theory of evolution, confirmed by mutations and genetic variability, can explain adaptation of species due to inclement weather in the environment, but cannot justify illogical processes occurring in the dressing room of the human soul.  It’s entirely too simple to explain the source which produces the world of ideas and emotions.  The psyche of the human soul requires God, to be explained.

2015 11 05 Cury 11 05

2015 11 05 Cury 11 06

29.  On one occasion, Einstein was asked if he believed in God.  Surprised by the question, he answered that a scientist, such as himself, could not help but think about God.  On another occasion, he said he was more interested in knowing about the mind of God than about the phenomenon of physics.

2015 11 05 Cury 11 07

34.  Who are we?  Where are we going?  How is it possible to recover the identity of our personality after death if trillions of secrets in our memory are dissolved in the chaos of our tombs?  Everyone who looked for the answers in science, died in the midst of his doubts.

2015 11 05 Cury 11 08

2015 11 05 Cury 11 09

2015 11 05 Cury 11 10

To enhance quality of life, spirituality can develop the most important functions of intelligence:

  1. Learn to give but not impose ideas. We must impart what is thought and believed but without imposition; after which, freedom should be given for listeners to reject or accept what is said.
  2. Think before reacting. Spiritual intelligence should develop the art of thinking, softening instincts, stopping aggressiveness, hate, and anger.
  3. Being capable of tolerating and creating solidarity. Tolerance is the art of respecting differences, and solidarity, that of perceiving the pain and necessity of others in an attempt to resolve them.
  4. Live in love with life and for human beings. Spirituality should contribute to the enrichment of human emotion, the development of sensitivity, the capacity of forgiveness, comprehension and inclusion.
  5. Wisdom. Spiritual intelligence enhance ability to recognize errors, perception of our own limitations, comprehension of the vast array of possibilities of existence.

2015 11 05 Cury 11 11

42.  The yearning for medicine is to prolong life and alleviate pain.  Philosophically speaking, religion shares the same aspiration, though medicine is a natural science and spirituality is a transcendental search.  Every religion considers the alleviation of pain, the prolongation of life, and overcoming finite existence.  Without doubt, it has to do with a fantastic dream.  Meanwhile, the fact is one day we will be without friends, without children, achievements or status, in the the main phenomenon opposing life.  We come to life alone, and also leave her in solitude.

2015 11 05 Cury 11 12

60.  Human beings are completely free to be atheists, to obey what their conscious ordains.  But there is no doubt that the development of spiritual intelligence through prayer, meditation, and the search for answers to existentialism, besides resolving internal conflict, quiets thought, appeases the waters of emotion, and gives us a healthier psyche.

2015 11 05 Cury 11 13

Spiritual intelligence calms thoughts, tranquilizes emotion, gives comfort in loss, courage against injustice, hope in chaos.  Have you calmed the waters of your emotion?  Is the future for you a dream, or a nightmare?

Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #10 – Ser Emprendedor / Be an Entrepreneur

2015 10 29 Cury 02

Chapter 10


Tenth law for quality of life


2015 10 29 Cury 03


  1. Creating opportunities and not waiting for them to appear.
  2. Having important dreams and setting goals to transform dreams into realities.
  3. Opening up the possibilities of intelligence, taking charge of sensibilities and being more courageous to be able to acquire what we love, admire and most need.
  4. Not being afraid to travel unknown roads, even when we don’t know the way.
  5. Learning to use failures as trampolines for great victories; valuing losses as a starting point for the best triumphs; employing weaknesses as food for wisdom.
  6. Believing in life and never wasting it.

2015 10 29 Cury  05

Our destiny is not predetermined, rather chosen.


2015 10 29 Cury 06

Those who want to be an entrepreneur should have the belief that life is a huge university, but that it teaches little to he who doesn’t know how to be a student.

2015 10 29 Cury 07

9.  Beliefs, paradigms and judgments found in the matrix of memory are the biggest obstacles to being an entrepreneur.  An entrepreneur should be someone who is open and should have a keen sense of observation.  We cannot hide behind our diplomas, status or financial situation.

2015 10 29 Cury 08

13. We must be entrepreneurs. Even though we make mistakes, we should not be ashamed of admitting it. If we need help, we shouldn’t be afraid to say, “Show me.”  If we make a mistake along the way, we should not be afraid to start over again.

14. An entrepreneur is not infallible or perfect. He falls and gets up. He doesn’t feel bad for his failures, but rather give thanks for the ability to be able to stay on his feet. The theater of his mind is not controlled by fear and auto-sufficiency, rather is a sponge modestly absorbing the experience of others.2015 10 29 Cury 09

21.  Those who fail are the ones who succumb to their doubts and insecurities.  An entrepreneur has doubts, but doesn’t become a prisoner of them.  What attitude do you take when you are losing the one you love?  Does it make you mad, do you feel fear and blame others?  An entrepreneur never blames others, rather opts to change.  He chooses a path and is not content to find fault.

2015 10 29 Cury 10

26. Unfortunately, many people lived enclosed in a capsule. They are cultured, but rigid. They are eloquent, but do not know the language of emotion. They want to be leaders in businesses and institutions, but are not leaders of themselves.

27. If you know how to open the windows of your mind, expand the art of thinking and practice the laws for quality of life in this program, the labyrinths in which you live won’t be dangerous ground, a desert, or a jail, rather a place where you place your most beautiful projects.

2015 10 29 Cury 11

31.  Don’t think people are complicated, rather that you do not yet have the ability to win them over.  Don’t think your job is too stressful, maybe it is you who cannot transform it into an oasis.  For many, pain is a problem, for the wise it teaches a lesson.  The objective of the twelve laws for quality of life is to give you the tools you need to become a wise entrepreneur.

2015 10 29 Cury 12

45.  We are sparks of flame which shine for a few years in the theater of life and are then extinguished as mysteriously as they were lit.  There is nothing as fantastic as life and nothing as ephemeral and brief.

2015 10 29 Cury 13

48.  Some suffer form depression, anxiety and stress, not as a consequence of conflicts when they were small, rather because of existential anguish, a true lack of meaning of life.  Remember what we have seen:  some have fortunes, but beg for bread of happiness; they are cultured, but lack peace; they are famous, but permanent companions of solitude.  In a few words, they haven’t quite figured life out.

2015 10 29 Cury 14

Life is a labyrinth, as such, plan for it.  Never spend more than you make and never spend everything.  Nobody knows the valleys through which they will have to travel in the future.

2015 10 29 Cury 15

  • See life as a labyrinth to be discovered instead of a problem to be resolved
  • Create my own opportunities instead of waiting for them to happen
  • Remember there are not “complicated” people, only those who must be “won over”

Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #9 – El Arte del Autodiálogo / The Art of Self Dialogue

2015 10 22 Cury 01

Chapter 9


Ninth law of quality of life


2015 10 22 Cury 02

2. This law of the quality of life is one of the most important intellectual exercises for human beings. The amount of wisdom and maturity of someone has doesn’t come from their wealth of academic knowledge or from their business or social success; rather from the ability and frequency with which they organize a round table with themselves, by which they question their thoughts and emotions, and criticize what they believe is true, meditate on their lives, remake their paths.

2015 10 22 Cury 03

14. There is an emotional bomb behind our apparent calm. Surely, it doesn’t escape you that there are many who lose patience for silly things. Does this happen to you?

15. This emotional bomb explodes and produces psychosomatic symptoms or social problems. The principle cause is that we haven’t lived the fundamental and universal laws for quality of life, analyzed in this program, in particular with self dialogue. Disarm your emotional bomb.

16. The high incidence of social violence, terrorist attacks, youngsters who commit suicide, children who shoot their companions, are all shouts from a species in crisis, but are unheard by those who lack sensibility.

Traveling towards our own self: becoming humanized

17. Speaking with oneself seems to be an act of dementia, but real craziness is the absence of intelligent self diologue. Someone who practices auto diologue is not only in a position to overcome psychic misery, but also to humanize themselves…

2015 10 22 Cury 06

19. The greatness of human beings lies in their capacity to be humble enough to put themselves in the shoes of others and understand what is behind their reactions…

2015 10 22 Cury 07

35. Precisely because it is activated during a moment charged with tension, the technique of DCD (Doubt, Criticize, Determine) “edits” the movie of our unconscious, generating new experiences registered in the sick, unhealthy “files.” The technique of the round table with oneself not only does the same thing, but also has as as a primary objective to open parallel windows in the memory to enhance the panorama of the unconscious and generate a new space exercising more lucid reasoning.

36. These phenomenon are among the most important secrets about how the mind works. If you are able to understand them, you will reconstruct your life’s direction. Let’s take a look.

Window of Memory

37. The human memory opens small windows which are read. Each window has an associated group of files containing a large quantity of information. En the cerebral cortex there are millions of windo2015 10 22 Cury 08

38.  Some are beautiful, generating pleasure, courage, intelligent responses. Others are sickly, producing affliction, hate, blockage. At certain times, it brings out in us happiness for no reason or sadness without cause.  Why?  Because every day we open random windows producing completely different reactions.

2015 10 22 Cury 09

47.  Some “killer” windows destroy the intelligence of the brightest students.  Every time they have to present an exam or participate in a contest, their level of anxiety, which at the same time, blocks the readability of the areas containing the countless amount of information accumulated over such a long period of time.  As a result, their intellectual capacity becomes terrible.

2015 10 22 Cury 10

49.  Drastically doubting our aggressive reactions, criticizing our impulsiveness, and determining to have self-control in tense moments, are acts of love for life, which are unfortunately not put into practice very often. We should learn to shout silently within ourselves.

2015 10 22 Cury 11

59.  These phenomenon are valid for all psychic and social sicknesses.  It isn’t possible to eliminate the past, only to “re-edit” it or open parallel windos which allow us to construct a new vision of the world and of things.

60.  “Killer” windows can transform a cockroach into a monster (simple phobia), an elevator into a cubicle “without air” (claustrophobia), a meeting into a storm (social phobia).

2015 10 22 Cury 12

67. If you have learned something about these secrets of how the mind works, you will never again think of life in the same way. Never again will you be a passive spectator in the theater of your mind.

2015 10 22 Cury 13

91.  A few words can contaminate a life.  Upon being rejected, some people are blocked.  Others convert the rejection into trampolines to grow, but even if they have apparently overcome the trauma, it may be they have not fully overcome it in their own self, and continue to suffer.

2015 10 22 Cury 14

Self talk is an open dialogue, intelligent and creative with oneself.  Construct a romance with life.  Have you lived this romance?  The worst solitude is not when the world abandons us, rather when we abandon ourselves.  Have you abandoned yourself?

2015 10 22 Cury 15

We should use DCD (Determine, Criticize, Determine) to “edit” the movie in our unconscious and the round table with ourselves to create parallel windows.

2015 10 29 Cury  01

Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #8 – El Arte de Escuchar y Dialogar / The Art of Listening and of Dialogue

2015 10 15 Cury 8 01

Chapter 8


Eighth law of quality of life


2015 10 15 Cury 8 02


1) Empty oneself to listen to what others have to say and not what we want to hear.

2) Putting ourselves in the place of others and perceive their troubles and social needs.

3) Penetrate into the heart of their psyche and uncover the causes of aggressiveness, shyness, anguish, strange behavior.

4) Interpret what words don’t say and what images don’t reveal.

5) Be sensitive to be able to respect tears which are visible and to perceive those never cried.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 03

The art of dialogue implies:

1) Talking about oneself

2) Interchanging experiences of life.

3) Revealing secrets of the heart.

4) Being transparent: not simulating feelings or intentions.

5) Not feeling ashamed of our defects and not fearing our failures.

6) Respecting limits and conflicts of others; not giving superficial answers.

7) That an interpersonal dialogue exists which crosses psychic worlds and breaks solitude.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 04

3) The two arts complement each other; one depends on the other. He who doesn’t learn to listen, will never know how to dialogue; he who doesn’t learn to speak about himself, will never be a good listener.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 05

They (couples) hear sounds, but don’t listen to the voice of emotion. They have the audacity to fight, but are afraid to talk about their own feelings. They spend years together without ever becoming great friends.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 06

6) They (couples) don’t reveal their heartbreaks, don’t talk about their conflicts, don’t refer to their difficulties. If you want to cultivate love, the best way isn’t by giving expensive gifts, rather giving a jewel which has no price: your own self. The art of listening renews the relationship, and the art of dialogue feeds love. They are universal laws which sustain the quality of life in social relationships.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 07

9) There couples who have beautiful beginnings which have sad endings because they don’t prepare to be friends, don’t train themselves to exchange experiences. They are great when it is time to defend their points of view, but rarely recognize their errors. Who has never made a mistake? Who has never had dumb attitudes? They win battles, but lose in love.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 08
15) Parents who give things to their children are remembered for hours and days, but parents who give of themselves, become unforgettable. Do you want to be a father or mother who is unforgettable?

16) Have the courage to talk to your children about your most difficult days and your defeats of the past. Tell them about your adventures, your dreams and refer to the happiest times of your existence. Allow them to get to know you. The majority of children never even get to know the hallway to the entrance of the personality of their parents.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 09

19) If you make a mistake, give an example: ask for forgiveness, recognize your errors. These attitudes won’t cause you to lose authority, rather to become the base of real authority, an authority which humanizes and develops the art of thinking. Be aware that educating implies penetrating another’s world.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 10

21) Many parents work to give everything to their children, but forget to open the book of life. Many professors give millions of bits of logical information to their students, but never tell them about their chapters of life.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 11

27) Professors and students spend years together without having their own stories ever cross, without learning mutual lessons of life. The result? Students leave the university with a diploma in hand, but without being prepared to handle failure, deception, challenge and competency. They don’t know how to open the windows of their minds, ignoring how to free their creativity, how to think before reacting, how to interpret what images don’t reveal and recover the leadership of “I” in the most difficult times of tension.

2015 10 15 Cury 8 12

46) The social system is so aggressive that it has caused youngsters to become passive, it has controlled them from within themselves, it has stolen their identity, transformed them into a number. They don’t criticize the venom of consumerism, the paranoia of how yo look, the craziness of instant pleasure created by publicity and the media. For many of them, the future has no importance: what is important is today. They don’t ever find an important cause to fight for.

47) Parents and professors should sell dreams. They should plant the most beautiful seeds possible inside youngsters to make them into intellectually free and emotionally brilliant people.

Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #7 – Trabajar la Memoria / Working on Memory

2015 10 08 Cury 7 01

Chapter 7


7th law for quality of life


2015 10 08 Cury 7 02

6.  In computers, saving something in the memory depends on the user.  In human beings, the registry is involuntary and is done by the phenomenon of RAM (Automatic Registry of Memory).

2015 10 08 Cury 7 03

9.  The more we try to reject something (a person who bothered us, a loss, a social humiliation), the more deeply it is registered, the more it is read, and in this way becomes part of thousands of thoughts.

2015 10 08 Cury 7 04

10. The best way to filter stressful stimulants no is through anger or hate, rejecting them or complaining about them, rather:

i. Understanding them
ii. Criticizing them
iii. Considering them “multi-focally”, in other words, from different angles.
iv. Using them as opportunities to grow.
v. Deciding to not be their slave.

2015 10 08 Cury 7 05

You save millions of experiences yearly, but tend to recover those with the most emotional content, like those involving loss, happiness, praise, fears, frustrations.

2015 10 08 Cury 7 06

22. Never forget you should be the protagonist of your own history.  Control your thoughts, administer your emotion, doubt your incapacity, question your fragility, look at things from multiple angles.  If you don’t protect your memory, you won’t be able to have quality of life.

2015 10 08 Cury 7 07

25. You can try with all of your strength to eliminate your conflicts, you can try with all of your ability you possess to destroy those who have hurt you, as well as erasing the most difficult times of your life, but you won’t have the least bit of success.

26. There are two ways in which we can resolve our conflicts, traumas and psychological problems:

i. “Re-edit” the movie of your unconscious.
ii. Construct parallel windows to the unhealthy windows of memory.

2015 10 08 Cury 7 08

When we utilize the technique of DCD (Doubt, Criticize, Determine), when we find ourselves in a critical moment of tension, we can produce new experiences which are recorded where the unhealthy experiences were previously stored.

2015 10 08 Cury 7 09

One of the most important functions of our “I” as protagonist of your own history is to rewrite the past, “re-edit” the movie of our unconscious.  Changing, reorganizing and transforming personality isn’t easy, but neither is it impossible.  It depends on training, perseverance, the objective and re-education.

2015 10 08 Cury 7 10

34.  We don’t understand that we construct sick neighborhoods in the city of memory, contaminating its air, dirtying its streets, destroying its light.  Don’t forget about this simile.  If we don’t filter little by little stressful stimuli, if we don’t “re-edit” the movie of the unconscious and protect our memory, we can lose our emotional health.

2015 10 08 Cury 7 11

There are people who are poor who make a new experience of each day.  They don’t have designer clothes, luxurious cars or a house on the beach, but their memory is a garden which spontaneously sprouts forth a wealth of emotions and beautiful thoughts.  Their winters are short and their springs, long-lasting.

Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #6 – Administra la Emoción / Manage Emotion

2015 10 01 Cury 6 01

Chapter 6


Sixth law of quality of life


2015 10 01 Cury 6 02

2.  Emotion can give rise to the most ample of liberties or the narrowest of prisons:  the jail of emotion.  Many live locked up in this prison.  Though it can be administered, it is impossible to completely dominate emotion.

3.  If you want to be a person who is perfectly balanced, forget it, you will never achieve it.  Emotion goes through a continual process of transformation.  Happiness alternates with anxiety, which at the same time combines with calm, which turns into apprehension.  Nevertheless, brusque fluctuations between these sensations reveals sickly emotions.

2015 10 01 Cury 6 035.  Emotions is more difficult to govern than thoughts.  It is illogical.  But the result is so beautiful.  A mother will never give up on her children, no matter how much they disappoint her.

2015 10 01 Cury 6 04

For being illogical, emotion produce huge benefits, but also causes big problems.  An offense may sour a week; criticism can generate insomnia; a loss can destroy a life; a failure can produce tremendous trauma. (Very true!)

2015 10 01 Cury 6 05

9.  Today, society is so stressful and competitive that if we do not develop our capacity to administer emotion we run an enormous risk of having a terrible quality of life.  Don’t run this risk.

10.  There have been kings who have ruled the world but were never able to dominate their emotion.  There have been generals who have won battles but lost wars in the territory of emotion, held prisoners of anger, of hate, of pride, and of anguish.

2015 10 01 Cury 6 06

If you don’t manage emotion, you will be like a ship without a rudder, controlled by praise, by giving up, by criticism and frustration.  If the social winds are good, you will have to get to a decent port, but if you must confront bad weather, you will likely get stranded.

2015 10 01 Cury 6 07

The educational model in modern society has failed, since it is unaware of this fundamental law for quality of life.  For years youngsters are taught to solve mathematical equations, but not their existential problems.  They are shown how to take exams at school, but not the tests of life, the rejection, the anguish and the difficulty.
2015 10 01 Cury 6 08Our “I” should come out from the audience, get up on stage and direct the play of thought and emotion.  (LOVE THIS ONE!)

2015 10 01 Cury 6 09

24.  To manage emotion, our “I” should also practice the technique of DCD (doubt, criticize, determine).  You should doubt perturbing thought immediately, from the sickly content of your emotions.  You should question the motives of your reactions, criticize your anxiety, demand freedom in this moment.  Finally, you should take advantage of the tool of silence, practice introspection and recover leadership of your “I”.

2015 10 01 Cury 6 10

36.  Depression is not a temporary condition lasting a few hours or days.  It is a sickness.  If is sever, it should be treated by a medical doctor, preferably a psychiatrist with experience.  Treatment with anti-depressives can be and should be complemented by psychotherapy.

37.  Depression takes the strongest to sobs.  It is the last stage of human suffering.  Only he or she who has experienced its dismal spectacle can know its drama.

2015 10 01 Cury 6 11

39.  In the end, he who thinks about dying feels hunger and thirst to live.  He is looking desperately for a way to destroy anguish and not how to end his life.  Many of my depressed patients who though of suicide made a great leap in their quality of life by discovering that, in reality, what they wanted was not to die, but to live.  They got out of the audience and learned to recover the leadership of “I”.  In a few words, they stopped being victims of their emotional misery.

2015 10 01 Cury 6 12

We should never give up on life; we need to confront our losses and deceptions with humility and courage.  Daily we should criticize, confront, and manage our sickly emotions.  Shout silently in your interior.

2015 10 01 Cury 6 13

When we are abandoned by the world, loneliness can be overcome; when we are abandoned by ourselves, the loneliness is almost incurable…

Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #5 – Controla tus Pensamientos / Control your Thoughts

2015 09 24 Cury 15 01


Fifth law of quality of life


2015 09 24 Cury 25 02

2.  Be free when it is time to think and not slave to our thoughts.  Be master and not slave to our thoughts.

2015 09 24 Cury 35 03

2.  This law of quality of life is one of the most important for a healthy life.  The world of thought can become a source of pleasure or terror for human beings.

2015 09 24 Cury 45 04

10.  AUTOFLOW is the phenomenon which reads the memory thousands of times per day and produces the great majority of thoughts in the theater of our mind.  The thoughts that distract, those that encourage and those which make us dream.  Some who travel so much in the world of ideas that they live distracted, unable to concentrate.  Without this phenomenon, we would die of boredom, of loneliness and of existential anguish.

2015 09 24 Cury 55 05

Thinking is healthy, the problem is thinking too much and anxiously.

2015 09 24 Cury 65 06

21.  One of the great discoveries about the theory of multifocal intelligence is that the excess velocity of thought provokes an important symptom called ATS – Accelerated Thought Syndrome.  Do you know how many people suffer from this syndrome?  The majority of those living in modern societies.  Billions of people.

2015 09 24 Cury 75 07

23.  The excess of information in the modern world, the competitiveness in work and the paranoia of consumerism are teh three greatest causes which overstimulate the three secondary actors in the theater of the human mind.  These three phenomenon construct accelerated thought like no other generation, producing Accelerated Thought Syndrome.

2015 09 24 Cury 85 08

28.  Think about this!  A person who is very stressed with Accelerated Thought Syndrome can consume more energy than ten manual laborers.  Wise is he who does much wasting little energy.

2015 09 24 Cury 95 09

The person who has Accelerated Thought Syndrome is not anchored in the present, generally they go from the past to the future, which strangles their tranquility and pleasure of living.

2015 09 24 Cury 105 10

It is estimated that more than 90% of what we worry about never come to pass.

2015 09 24 Cury 115 11

36.  DCD (doubt, criticize, determine) is a technique which structures and strengthens leadership of “I”.  It should be done silently, several times a day with sensibility and sincereness.

 2015 09 24 Cury 125  12Doubt everything you believe and which perturbs you.  Doubt is the beginning of wisdom.

2015 09 24 Cury 135  13

Doubt the lies of your negative thoughts.

39.  Criticize every pessimistic idea, all excessive worry and each worrisome thought about the future.

2015 09 24 Cury 145  14

Decide to be happy, sure of yourself, strong.  Decide not to be a slave of your conflicts.  Decide to feel the pleasure of living, contemplate beauty and fight for your dreams.  Proclaim it in the theater of your mind.

2015 09 24 Cury 155  15

43.  We fool ourselves.  Never have there been so many slaves in a free society.  Education teaches us how to run machines, vehicles, industries, homes, professions, but not to control our thoughts.

2015 09 24 Cury 165  16

Doubt everything that controls and perturbs you.  Criticize every negative thought.  Determine what you want to think and feel..  Lead yourself.

Cambia tu Vida – Augusto Cury #4 – Tener un Sueño Reparador

Cury 4 01

Chapter 4


Fourth law of quality of life


Cury 4 02


1. Sleeping enough to recharge the physical and mental energy spent during the day.

2. Not falling asleep right away or having intermittent sleep (waking up, getting up).

3. Having a deep, restful and pleasant sleep.

4. Not being tormented by nightmares or bad dreams.

5. Not taking social or professional problems or conflict to bed.

6. Wake up rested and motivated to face the day’s stress and challenge.

7. Stay alert and concentrated to be mentally productive.

8. Being calm to make well informed decisions.

Cury 4 03

3.  We spend one third of our lives sleeping; sleep is our most important encounter with ourselves, it is the time when millions of cells relax and reorganize energy to be able to withstand difficult battles to survive.  Sleeping isn’t losing time, it is finding it.

Cury 4 04

10.  Depending on the quality of your sleep, you will be an agreeable, tolerable or insupportable person.  If you find yourself irritable or impulsive, think about the quality of your sleep.  People who don’t sleep are bothered even by their own shadow; don’t withstand joking around from others, or continued errors or faults.

Cury 4 05

19.  Life is a battle, and our bed is the only place where we an absolute truce should reign.  Sleep is the place where only should exist unconditional peace, even though the world is crumbling around.

Cury 4 06

22.  It is less expensive to not expect too much from people and to pardon them, even when they don’t deserve it.  Do it for you:  enemies who are not pardoned, sleep in our bed and perturb our sleep…  Hmmm “watch out” : ) 

Cury 4 07

The first person who benefits from a pardon is the one who pardons and not he who is pardoned.

Cury 4 08

41.  You must know that, behind a person who is authoritarian, hides someone who is fragile.  Behind someone aggressive hides a person who is miserable.  Surprise them, praise them, pardon them.  Inside those who are most complicated is found a child who needs love and attention.

Cury 4 09

Sow serene sleep to harvest a tranquil day.